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The Relevant Media Way


We help our clients operate their media department at the highest level, with the lowest budget possible to achieve desired results. 

The old way of doing things was to hire one staff person and several volunteers to work in the media department. The problem with that formula is, you can only elevate your ministry as high as that one person is willing and able to elevate.

The new Relevant Media model is simple, our team does for you what one person could never do. We do the work and train your staff until your staff  is ready to take over.

We have on our staff, open animation artist,  graphic designers, editors, writers, producers and directors. Best of all we train your staff in every area of production over a 12 month period of time so they learn the right way from season media professionals. 

The best part of the new way of doing things through Relevant Media is, it cost less than hiring one full time media person.  Instead of hiring one person you get an entire team of  highly trained and seasoned Christian media professionals all working for you for one low cost and the budget is commensurate with the size of your ministry.

That's The Relevant Media way!