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Introducing: Turn Key Production


 Turn Key Production (TKP) its like hiring one employee who can do all of your TV production work, but instead you get a seasoned team of experts working for you, for one low price


We work with your team on Sunday and mid-week service to assure you get quality video production of every service and quality duplication immediately after each service. We use several useful platforms, like DVD, flash drive and download for mobile devices. The increase sales alone should cover the cost of hiring us.


One of our staff members will be on site at every service and after the service we send all the video to our professional staff of postproduction editors for packaging for TV, web site, and social media. Short clips will be taken from every service and posted on various social media platforms every week. We can also facilitate buying airtime for you on any local or national network.


The best part is you pay one price, no travel cost, no add on fees, just like hiring one employee and you get a top-flight team of media professional working for you. The same team many of the largest national ministries use for a fraction of the cost. Your local team of volunteers will continue to participate and run the equipment but we will be responsible for the results.