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Consulting Services


 Custom Programs Tailored to Meet Your Specific Needs & Goals 


Relevant Media provides real world Media Workshops and Seminars for practicing media professionals and people who desire to become media practitioners.

Conference Speaker

Richard Polite is our conference speaker on all things media related. Richard has over 25 years of media and pastoral experience, a seasoned conference speaker experienced at working with all size ministries.  Richard is available to speak at your empowerment conference or local church meeting call for available dates.

Media Training for Companies

Richard Polite will align media training needs with your business goals and objectives as well as the company’s values and culture. Let us tailor a training program to match your organization's needs. 

Media Training for Individuals

Our media skill training encompasses an interactive classroom environment focusing on how to develop a media strategy and the tools and tactics for implementing a successful campaign.

Once trained by Richard Polite you will have the ability to develop strategies and campaigns and implement tactics for emerging, established, and rapidly expanding media organizations anywhere in the world.

Richard's One Day Program for CEO's, Executives & Senior Pastors

This is an intensive one-day session on launching and managing the communication function and using media to support Ministry goals and objectives.

Richard's One-Day Program includes communication strategy, assembling and managing your media team, building your brand equity with media, analyst communication and maximizing the news value of your church.

Learn how to shape your message to be in concert with the PASTORS personality, how to establish the SENIOR PASTOR as The Voice of your organization and how to create a leadership dynamic that wins support from government leaders, members, industry influentials, opinion leaders and the press.

Session is limited to three executives from your organization.

Enhance your ability to:
Launch an effective media program at your organization and keep it vibrant
Increase Brand value and build Brand equity
Evaluate and hire the right media agency or build an in-house media team
Turn the power of the press to your advantage
Get Christian and secular press to listen to you.
Establish a social media campaign that builds community among your members
Publish your ministry or pastors BLOG that is always fresh and inviting
Establish the Pastor as a thought leader among industry analysts and editors
Turn the Pastors’ daily activity into news that supports ministry  goal

 CONSULTING; Before you start your media ministry talk to us. We can guide you through the process and save you lots of time and money. We have started media ministries in local churches all over the world.

Media is Evangelism in the 21 century, by using media one to one on DVD, Flash drives, CD’s or broadcasting to millions on TV or radio, media will broaden your evangelism efforts and pay for it’s self if managed properly.

Come out of Judea and reach Samaria and the other most parts of the earth with a professionally trained media team. The process is simple; we produce your media while training your staff.  A one-year plan that will kick start your media and grow your church through proven methods that work.

Let us tell you how you can build a three-camera HD TV studio for under $20,000. Then let us show you how to pay for it in less then six months.

Media ministries that are already up and running but lack the quality or success, let us help you get your media ministry moving in the right direction.

 Brand Management; Relevant Media has one of America's premiere Christian Brand managers available to help you position your ministry to have an identifiable brand. If I say TD what do you think of (Jakes), is that right. If I say Joyce what do you think of (Myers), Benny (Hinn), these are all Christian brands that resonate with most Christian audiences. Do you have brand identity outside of your local church?

Tina Polite has built and managed the brands of some of the nations most sort after Christian brands.  Relevant Media is proud to offer her services to our clients. For more information please follow the link to

Pricing: Catered to meet your organization's needs, call us Ph: 214-316-1040