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Tina Polite CEO

Tina Polite is a public relations executive with over 25 years of experience. Her skills and expertise have established and bolstered the careers of top CEO’s, pastors and public figures across the country touching nearly every area of public life. Tina has made a name for herself as a strategist and go-to consultant for high profile decision makers in both the sacred and the secular. Her vast experience and her proven track record for success along with her strategic thinking abilities have enabled Tina to amass a list of diverse projects and clientele over the years:


Company Overview


Our clients stand out from the fray — by involvement in key community events, strategic involvement with local and regional power brokers, special interest stories and powerful coverage in local and national media. There is nothing that can lift one from obscurity like a key radio or television spot.

We create strategies and tactics every day that are solely focused on breaking through the gatekeepers to the decision makers of your communities and your customers at large.

Tina Polite & Associates is a collaboration of experienced communications professionals, who provide strategic, effective counsel in brand management, reputation management, community advocacy, media relations and religious public relations. Equipped with 20 years of experience, principle Tina Polite is known for her work with high- powered corporate CEOs and nationally recognized clergy alike. She is caring, professional and compassionate. Together these traits make up what we call The Polite Approach. 

We give the attention and results of a smaller hands-on agency, but through strategic alliances we can also utilize the national and international reach of a global agency. We do this consistently for all our clients, making sure they have all of the necessary resources to get to their goals. 

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